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Our vastly experienced surveyors use a range of specialists equipment to aid with our surveys, these include:

Visual Inspection

• Experience gained over years of plumbing, leak detection and surveying work.

Acoustic Testing

• A listening device used to inspect for ongoing water escape on the hot and cold water supplies


Thermal Imaging

• A camera which is used to check for water escape on the heating and hot water systems, as well as penetrating and rising dampness in brickwork and flooring.


Tracer Gas

• A specialist gas used to pressurise water systems in search of leaks, this can also be used for tracing roof leaks.

Moisture Profiling

• Used to map moisture in brickwork walls and ceilings to help locate the source and determine the extent of damage.


Endoscope Cameras

• Used to check concealed areas such as behind walls, within ceilings, beneath floors for water escape and moisture ingress

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