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 Whether you are buying, maintaining, or managing a property, dampness, water escape and water ingress can lead to decorative spoiling, structural damage, and devaluation of a property. With Inspector Leak residential We provide two types of survey which can lead to affordable trace and access works. 

The definition of trace and access-You have a need it need it exposed. You need it fixed.


Using a range of leak detection equipment and techniques our surveys can be used to find unknown sources of moisture in a property non destructively and provide recommendations how to fix them.


Furthermore we also carry out trace and access works and depending on the problem found can offer a repair on that day at a small charge.

Leak Detection 

When will we be used.

• If water damage becomes apparent within the property.

• During property management.

• Before an insurance claim as part of trace and access works

• During an insurance claim as part of trace and access works

Our surveys can be used as a pro active inspection to highlight defects at an early stage before future damage may start to  occur to the property.

Alternatively a clean bill of health would provide peace of mind about the sound property condition at the time of visit.

Leak Inspection

When will we be used.

• Before purchasing a property.

• Before letting a property.

• During periodic property management checks.

• As part of regular home maintenance.

• Expert knowledge & advice

• Insurance approved trace and access works

• Specialists equipment 

• Detailed reports (including findings recommendations and pictures)

• Independent survey 

• Pro active and reactive service


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